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All right, by now we know the outcome of this terrific Grand Slam, the French Open hosted at Roland Garros. This year, the tournament was incredibly rained out, so much that the art on the lower levels of the Louvre had to be relocated to higher floors. Alas the Mona Lisa herself had to make a new home for herself, I wonder if she has returned to her central view down below? 

And the Seine, river that flows between the East and West banks of gai Paris, how did she overflow and block and absolutely stop this fabulous city in its tracks, even the subways did not operate, how could anyone even get to this French Open, you may ask?

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Yes, indeed, a different kind of Open, a different kind of year this year. Roger Federer left early, he could not get beyond the early rounds. And Rafa Nadal? Your wrist, is it better? Hopefully we will see the both of you at Wimbledon in a few weeks. My, these tournaments are so close together!

As for the women's competition, Maria Sharapova, how could you really not know that that meldonium drug you are taking is a banned substance from your chosen sport? Many fans and foes alike are asking this question, it is a reasonable one.  You are now banned from playing competitive tennis for two years, that is a long time. Keep practicing those serves and deep breaths.

I like what Andy Murray has to say about this, "You can continue to train, to keep fit but losing match fitness ... that's what helps you win," said Murray. Read more:
( I include this link a second time, because this article has a lot in it.)

Now, let's take a good look at what Andy says.  He is correct. You can practice all you want, but there is something much more special about competition itself. "Match fitness." It is the very fact of being out there in the ring, in the middle of it all, that teaches you and sharpens you.  Makes you better.  Each match is different, I have learned this playing USTA singles this spring.  Once I think I have something figured out, a new match comes along, and what I thought would get me through from the last match.... well, you know the answer to this. 
Each court you step onto is different.  The dynamics are different, with yourself that day, your opponent, the rhythms of life itself. You may think you know a lot, and usually you know enough as getting to a court in the first place is no easy feat, but there is more. So much more to competition and matches that cannot be measured, thus you need that 'match fitness,' that agility that teaches you to be forever flexible and all the more experienced in that ring.And that certain extra is 'what helps you win.'

Now, back to agility. Ring a bell? Champion Novak Djokovic!!!! Novak has now earned a career Grand Slam through winning the French Open 2016.  Only eight other male players have this same accomplishment  -
In addition to completing a career Grand Slam, Djokovic is now the current champion in all four Grand Slam tournaments. Rod Laver was the last tennis player to accomplish that feat back in 1969 and 1962, along with Don Budge in 1938.

Not only that, but our champion is the only player in tennis history to hold all four slams in the same year (Bleecher Report).

Congratulations, Novak Djokovic!!! 

Our Career Grand Slam Champion!

AND, the women's champion? Garbine Muguruza, form Spain!  What a great match, but sorrry for Serena Williams as she had a tough time trying to dominate. It just was not working that day for her.  The limelight was all on Muguruza, who was lithe, elegant and beautiful in her physicality, her demeanor, her guts and glory.

Congratulations, Garbine Muguruza!

Our French Opn Champion!

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