Thursday, September 1, 2016

US OPEN 2016

Welcome to the US Open 2016! So happy for this event, so much to do, to see, to experience!

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There is nothing like New York, and what a great venue to host a world class tennis tournament.  Just last week I saw the lights of uptown from Tribeca, lower Manhattan, and so much mystery happens in so little time!  We figure that the tennis players are staying uptown, in the Upper East and West residences. Ah yes, the life of a tennis player :)

Really so exciting, if I can, I will make the effort to get there next week, no guarantees, I wish this grand slam would last forever, so nice to have an event as this in your own back yard.  Hop on the subway, the 7 line, and you are there. Easy.

Please take the time to really look at the photos on the official US Open website. Super photos!  

You can see the players looking at the ball as it comes off the racquet strings, you can experience their aggression, their emotions, their hopes and happiness, and conversely their disappointments and failures...saying to themselves, 'another day I am sure, I will get that ball, that game, set and match!'

What strikes me the most is the amazing physicality of these players.  Not an ounce of fat on any of them.  Varying body types, but these players all work from the same common denominator.  Fitness.  And motivation.

Isn't it amazing how much preparation goes into hitting a little yellow ball?

it is the chase, the will to win, that motivates each player to be their very best. Now. 

Even keeping your eyes on the ball is a present moment.  Very important fact, very little true understanding. It takes time to digest this overstated mantra. Here, yoga is a mainstay for mindfulness that will keep you present and indeed your eye on the ball! The goal~ zero distraction to achieve your result. 

These athletes are respectful of each chosen avenue of success,  and yoga is integral to Novak Djokovic's survival and success on the court.

Music is a motivating factor, too, Azarenka is privy to headphones, even Michael Phelps, our Olympic gold medalist swimmer (the Greatest of All Time in swimming), loves to tune in before he competes.

So, tennis players and aficionados, enjoy and savor the talents, the motivations, the beauty of this fabulous sport, and maybe, just maybe, I will see you at the courts! 

Here is a great Youtube by Ian of Essential Tennis, he puts you on the subway, too!

AND, Serena in SOHO, NY!

photo courtesy of yours truly

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