This Blog FIT BEAUTY and YOU (FBY) was created by me, Constance Baranzano, for several reasons.  First and foremost, I have spent my entire life on the quest for beauty.  What is it, how is beauty defined, is it ever truly attainable?

Of course our lives are changeable, how can life be beautiful in the tough times you may ask? I have discovered that beauty is everywhere. Especially in times of challenge, we must learn to look for it, for beauty never disappears, it just is. And yes, beauty is attainable.

Ride out that wave, and see what you discover!  Such is my goal with FBY, and this Blog and you my Readers have taken me on a wonderful ride.  Each day is such a joy to add to FBY, to see what interests my global readers, you are amazing!

my background

Involved in charities since the age of 8, I continue my community work on the sidelines giving my time to those in need. I am married for 35 years, have grown children, and have helped my family through eldercare and hospice, caring for animals and the home, and have a fun little interest in plant life although my garden is a work in progress :)

I have a resume with legal, business administration and real estate interestsAcross those lines, beauty can be found there, too! Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, creating this Blog makes perfect sense.

For the sports-minded, I have met tennis legend Arthur Ashe at the age of 12, and share a gene pool with double gold Olympian Louis Abell, my paternal great- grandfather. I currently compete in USTA 3.5 NTRP tennis matches as a singles and doubles player. 

Each day in the name of beauty I seek to improve my skill base, my nutrition and mindset.  Each moment matters, on and off the court, use it! In essence, I am testing myself in order to be a better informant for YOU!

Cultivating a sport is why I signed on as a distributor with Nikken wellness.  Beauty manifests from the inside out, be well inside and you will be glowing on the outside, for all the world to see!

I love the arts, love to draw and use watercolor, at one point I thought of being a dress designer, I still have some sketches. Such is the incorporation of fashion into FBY, nothing better than a simple line, whether in the silhouette of a dress, or on paper. I have worked for Calvin Klein and Halston when they had cosmetics lines. As designers, they designed a 'look,' something we can each aspire to.

Since the age of 11 I discovered the fine art of writing, that anyone can do! Putting pen to paper is one of the ultimate creative processes, try it!  While my children were small, I did just that and wrote and illustrated a children's chapter book, Sea Breezes, Salt Air using the pen name C. Avery Brookes that you can find on Amazon.

Consistently throughout this timeline called life, I have been a professional commercial model since the age of 17. I love photography and the challenges of being a good subject.  Believe me, folks, it is not as easy as some may think. "Anything worthwhile is hard to get," as my mother would say. Now, I freelance as a model in the skincare industry I so love for progression photography with global skincare companies as PeterThomasRoth and Algenist.

my passion

We have heard that word a lot, passion. Simply, it means what you like to do above all else. I like to research beauty trends, talk to friends in the beauty business, and keep as well informed as possible using any outlet available. Just the other day a new Sephora store opened up What fun to walk in, experience and be a part of the architecture, the floor layout, the products, the banners! Like being in a candy store.

That is the experience I hope for you, dear Readers, let this Blog be YOUR candy store!  Hence the 'bubbles' of content here at FBY. Explore, have fun, examine your own life and how you are doing, and know that when you visit FBY you will have a positive experience, for I am here for you.  

I love to share, and creating FBY has been my great pleasure. 

Thank you, dear Readers, and enjoy!

XO Constance
Your FBY Publisher

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