Having children in your life is pure joy!  Kids offer us so much, and we can help them, too!  The most important aspect of the power of children is the offering to bring beauty in your life, their lives, and the world around you.  Appreciate children and they will appreciate in return. Respect is a tall order here, and children teach us how to build trust, honor, and beauty in our lives.

There are many ways to bring kids into your life! As a woman, there are options depending on your personal timeline. The obvious of course is to have your own. This venture forth into the unknown of parenthood is worthy and noble.  There are other noble means as well.  You can teach, show love to your nieces and nephews, as a businesswoman you can create health products for children, invent a new game! As a physician, you can keep children and their parents well. I noticed over the years our own pediatrician gave great credence to the words of our children to arrive at a proper diagnosis. 

Listening to my children actually led to the creation of my book Sea Breezes, Salt Air you can find on Amazon. Never in my life did I think I would write and illustrate a children's book (using the pen name C. Avery Brookes) and in doing so it brought me directly into their minds and well being as young people. 

Sea Breezes, Salt Air
The process of writing, of analyzing situations and how the characters would react led me to the discovery that life is quite unpredictable and there are many choices to be made.  Factor in four characters (the Bunny Cousins) and all at once you have a complicated dynamic!  I learned so much, and YOU can find a way to turn back the clock too and discover how children are so necessary in our lives. Writing the book altered my thinking, opened up my mind, and gave more compassion to my being.

 Encourage your children to express themselves, love unconditionally (we all make mistakes!), and understand there will be times that our limits as caregivers have been reached~ count to 10! or 20! Words can damage, and mostly the moment will pass. Remember, we are all here to learn, as parents and adults, too.  Our journeys are personal ones that incorporate others as predominant players in our lives.

Children play a crucial role.  After all, they are the future. Life is short. Find a way to keep the world going, one day at a time, one moment at a time.  Find those moments, and be the best you can to role model for those little ones.

As a parent and caregiver, be forgiving, as kids themselves are forgiving beings too! Nothing like a hug to keep you together, many times kids are just as confused as we are, it is okay.  Honesty prevails.

                                                  Such is the beauty of children!

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