Hello! I am so excited to be your personal consultant for wellness company Nikken!

Each day I continue to discover the immediate benefits of magnet technologies, purified water systems, and cleanly researched nutritional products.

Nikken, a Japanese wellness company has been here for us since 1975, and has grown exponentially in Asia and Europe representing 35 countries, with a solid United States presence!

Discover the Five Pillars of Health® ~

mind, body, family, community, finance

I am very honored to be a Nikken consultant and distributor. Nikken addresses the entire person, it is the only company I have ever endorsed, finally total wellness to share with YOU! 


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This is so exciting, you can get these quality lifestyle choices, then if you like the business aspect, sign on as a consultant. That's what I did, and I love it!

CLICK HERE to get you to the Shop Now page, read on about these scientifically researched technologies that lend healthy support, prevention and wellness to your day!

For a 13 minute overview (most platforms support the .mov format, our apologies if yours does not, finicky computers :)).

Here is an interview with yours truly and Nikken expert Randy Rolfe, learn all about this fabulous brand of sustainable wellness~

You can build a Nikken wellness home with purified water, far infrared lighting, sleep systems to get you and keep you WELL.

You can use energy technologies for targeted healing, well researched nutritionals that (finally!) are easy on the digestion and deliver quality. No more distractions of what's good or not good for you out there, Nikken is the answer.  Believe me, I have searched high and low for quality, and finally Nikken has it.

Here is a link to my favorites, and please explore the entire site of Nikken products, there are many, ALL to enhance your life and give you the freedom of wellness you only thought  in your twenties!

Build a Nikken wellness body, the nutritionals are superior, easily digested, affordable, heavily researched. Wow!

I have been waiting a long time to find wellness technologies as these, and Nikken delivers.

A BIG favorite of mine is the  Jade Greenzymes. At first I was hesitant as to its effectiveness, but after trying twice I am sold! This powder drink (comes in capsule too) fills you up and satiates hunger. It is pure and I can just feel the chlorophyl cleaning out my arteries (elevated cholesterol is an issue for me). Try it, you will be glad you did~
Jade Greenzymes

                                       A great Youtube on your heart and arteries~

see why Bergisterol from the Italian bergamot fruit is so necessary to YOUR health!

Want explosive energy all day?

Try the Nikken Magstrides, they are thin and fit in most shoes, I use them for tennis and they help with leg energy and mental focus, I don't get tired in the second set, watch how your opponents fall asleep and you don't!

Nikken Magstrides for men and women

Magstride insoles are very light weight and slender to fit into your sneakers!

The magnet technologies have two major benefits~ 

1) you have increased energy, while 

2) you are much more relaxed.  

A wonderful equation of wellness and improvement!

How about a fabulous sleep tonight?

The Kenko Sleep System is renowned for superior sleep with magnet and far-infrared technologies to keep you rested and ready! Enjoy that feeling once again of being a baby in your own little cocoon, so soft and quiet, this product is the mainstay of Nikken wellness~
The Vital Sleep Pack

                                       Explore and be well!

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